A Spy In the House of War

My Life as a NATO Collaborator

Nathaniel S. Borenstein
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
April, 1989

People who've known me for a long time are often surprised to hear that, in the waning days of the cold war, I consulted for NATO. Two years later, in 1989, I published an article about the experience. Disk space was so expensive back then that I didn't keep a digital copy of the text, but nowadays it's cheap enough to pass around scanned-in bitmaps of the same data. Just bloody amazing. Anyway, I've reassembled it as a pdf file for your convenience.

Bizarre update: In March, 2011, by chance, I found out that in 1991, this article was recognized by New York University with its "Olive Branch Award" for writing about peace. For some reason neither they nor the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ever told me about this fact. It probably would have just gone to my head, anyway.