Grinnell and Me

I've spent about 40% of my career in academia
I have fond memories and funny stories from the University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Deep Springs College, and Ohio State University.
But my longest running academic allegience is with my alma mater, Grinnell College. Life has repeatedly and happily brought me "back to old Grinnell."
In addition to various reunions, committee meetings, an alumni award, and a magazine profile, here are the bigger things to bring me to Grinnell.
Bachelor of Arts
  • Double Major: Religious Studies and Mathematics
  • Grinnell Singers, Grinnell Chorus, Sacred Harp Choir
  • Programming team
  • President's Medalist and B.A., 1980
  • 1996
    Lecturer at Grinnell Sesquicentennial
  • Ethical Issues in Internet Commerce
  • Individual Choice in Cyberspace
  • The Structure of the Cyberspace Market
  • Ethical Business Practices in Cyberspace
  • Power Structures in Cyberspace
  • The Effects of Internet Commerce on Society
  • 1998-99
    First Robert Noyce Visiting Professor

    Fall Lectures

  • Kiss Privacy Goodbye: Myths and Realities about Cryptography and Society
  • The Future of the Internet and the Internet of the Future
  • Spring Courses

  • Special Topic: Human-Computer Interface Design
  • Special Topic: The Internet and Society
  • 2013
    Honorary Doctor of Science
    (ScD., honoris causa)